Terms and Conditions

Exchange Policy

A. Exchange process

1/ Retain all packaging materials, including original packaging, receipts and related gifts.

2/ Contact the store by E-mail or Whatsapp within three days of receiving the goods, and make a return request.

3/ After confirming that the status of the goods meets the requirements of the return policy, the store will notify you of the return application status as soon as possible

4/ After receiving the goods, our store will arrange for an exchange within 14 working days

B. Exchange Instructions

The store has the right to refuse the customer's return request in the following cases:

-The goods are damaged, but no exchange is requested on the spot at the time of receipt

-Return request beyond the return period

I-tems that have been opened, used, or damaged in any way due to personal reasons

-Customer shipping documents are missing or incomplete

-The product is not provided by the store

-There is a color difference between the picture and the real object

-Problems with a small number of flaws in the packaging

Customers should consider shipping risks before purchasing. After purchase, if it is not seriously damaged (for example: product leakage), there will be no return or exchange. We will make sure that it is well packaged when dispatched. Therefore, we will not return due to taste/texture/slightly dented product packaging. If the order is cancelled due to personal reasons after payment, 20% of the full order fee will be charged as a refund fee! (Excluding pre-order products, pre-order products cannot be cancelled for any reason).

C. Refund Policy

Please note that this store does not provide refund services, sorry for the inconvenience.

D. Products related issues

Regarding the problem of goods, the goods are all parallel imports, and they are shipped directly to Hong Kong from many countries around the world, just like the sources of major pharmacies and makeup stores.

Due to the low price gap/cost of goods in different countries, the price of parallel imported goods is generally cheaper than that of counters. 

If the customer wants to use this wholesale price to buy the counter goods/services, please move to the counter to buy.